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London and Barcelona are bookends,

Cicadas and peacocks play music,

while Beer and Wine flavor it all,

and fields of grapevines surround you.




Here's a picture of me in Belgium - click the picture for a bigger one.





And here's Rick Steves!  At the tour reunion in Seattle.


Hi!  My name's Bob.  Would you like to come along with me as I take 3 weeks out to follow Rick Steves and explore Europe from London to Barcelona, Spain?  Wander through History, Art, and Scenery, spruced up with flavor enhancement courtesy of the world's best beer and wine?  You won't be alone.  We have 26 companions, not to mention Swans, Peacocks, and Cicadas.  All wrapped up in a big black Belgian bus.  I've included 300 pictures intermixed with the writing of my trip journal, all in an interactive web site designed to be easy to use and bandwidth friendly.

This is my first Web site, and I'm not a professional web designer, writer, or photographer.  So let me know what you think!  At any time if you feel lost you can click the red cobblestones above to get around this site.  Have fun!


Let's get out our Map!


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