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The Video
Have you ever wanted to be a movie director?  This is the closest I've come so far...

In addition to the interactive journal that makes up most of this web site, I also created an hour-long video that comprises my pictures set to music in a style that's probably unlike any slide show you've ever seen (inspired by Ken Burns and the openings of Cheers and The Rockford Files).  Although never meant for web accessing, due to popular demand I am posting sections of it here.  Now, at the very least you can hear my voice.

Here you can relax and watch the pictures go by - there is nothing interactive.  The journey progresses through the places we went to, and more importantly attempts to convey how we felt in addition to where we went, often with music from a local artist.  In many ways this is just another type of scrapbook, allowing me to infuse a bit more sentimentality and mood than writing (at least my writing) on a web page allows.  This is the scrapbook I actually intended to make, keep, and share as a long-lasting memory of the journey we took in that summer of '01.  It's also the easiest way to digest 299 of my pictures.

(FYI, I'm not a professional director or editor.  This kind of stuff is just a hobby of mine)

The "Thumbnail" versions of the videos are meant for sampling purposes only.  They are very low quality, but can be downloaded by even the slowest modems fairly quickly.  If you enjoy the Thumbnail (squinting and a good imagination might help), then you can download the "High Quality" version.  Simply clicking on the link will stream the video from my web server.  If you use Internet Explorer, right click and choose "save target as..."; and you can download it to your hard drive and view it whenever you wish.  This is especially useful for people with dial up modems (got get a cup of coffee while you wait...) and those that use AOL.

Bear in mind that, due to server space and internet bandwidth, even the "High Quality" videos are heavily compressed (and are 100 times smaller than the original digital video files), but are about as good as you can get with streaming video currently.  If you really want to see the original, which I have mastered on DVD, let me know and I might be able to arrange it.




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  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 663KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 4.5MB)



  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 890KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 6.6MB)



  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 911KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 6.7MB)


The Mosel River valley

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 768KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 5.7MB)


Landsberg and Munich

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 926KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 6.9MB)


The Italian Dolomites

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 1.0MB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 7.6MB)


Verona and Lake Maggiore

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 1.7MB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 12.7MB)


The South of France

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 738KB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 5.5MB)


Provence Region of France

  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 1.4MB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 10.8MB)



  - Thumbnail (56Kbps, 1.7MB)

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 12.5MB)


Ending Credits

  - High Quality (256Kbps, 5.1MB)



Unless otherwise noted all text and images are copyright Robert Williams.

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