Day 13: We visit a working farm in Morozzo.

If only I could post a smell.

We started our tour today with a serious Italian fashion statement.  All received bright green boots made from plastic bags to prevent contamination.  I think the cows may have asked for this protection so that the Americans wouldn't make them sick.  There was also no way to be quiet in the things due to the crunching noise the boots made when we walked.


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Mario, one of the owners of the farm, gave us a tour of the cheese making facilities.  The odor in the room where the women were draining the cheese was uncomfortable to breathe, but after that we just had plain farm smells, which, though strong, were not sickening.

We saw the cheese drying area, the salami making area, the milking facilities, and then went out to see the animals.

There were cows, calves less than 24 hours old, pigs running around in a huge pen, and piglets nursing.  All in all, they seemed nice quarters for farm animals.

We lunched on the farm, and everything we ate was from there.  We stuffed ourselves on the cream cheese, served in little cakes and rolled in nuts.  There was also wonderful homemade minestrone soup, salami, and tarts.

Mario gave us a history lesson on cheese while we ate, and served up one of their award-winning cheeses, which was very, very good.

Silvio busily washed his bus while we lounged around after lunch.  It always looks clean to me, but that's probably because he washes it all the time.

After the farm visit, we departed on our second longest bus trip, our destination being Lake Maggiore near Milan.  During the trip, we passed through Barolo, which produces the king of microclimate wines, and it was pretty obvious that every square inch of the area was covered in vineyards.

We said goodbye to Silvio once we reached our final destination of Stresa, and he drove off into the sunset.

After checking in and souvenir shopping, we gathered at a wine store, where we met Rosalie, another good friend of Brad's.  Brad lives one lake over at Lake Como.

Dinner was on our own in Stresa, and a number of us gathered at a restaurant near the hotel.  After dinner we walked around, admiring the moonlit lake, and later retired for the night.

With Silvio gone, it's now clear that the end of the tour is near.  For two weeks we've been together, and I for one haven't the foggiest notion of how to return to normal life, nor do I wish it.

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