If home is where the heart is, then I am home.

Buon giorno! - and welcome to a web site dedicated to a group of travelers and our journey as we wandered our way through the villages of Italy.  You may be wondering why 15 women plus a bus driver ended up on top of a stone bull, but come with me and in a little while you will know the answer.

Words can hardly describe our random walk in the fall of 2003.  It was an awesome itinerary, with places perfect in their charming timelessness and uncrowded respect, and no glitz or spectacle - simply worn paths to stroll down with local guides and time to marvel at and learn all that is Italy on a personal scale.  The greatest praise should go to those at Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door for having the talent of being able to plan such a tour and execute it so masterfully.  Now I hope you will follow me as we journey back in time to our Village Italy Tour so that you too can catch a taste of what we feasted on.

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Brad, our guide, a true historian and teacher-enthusiast, along with Silvio, who drives a big bus as if it were an ice ballerina on a skating rink, held us in their arms and connected us with the Italy we all yearn to know.  Along the way, we twenty students grew together and became family.  These pages are an attempt to bring you a glimpse of our story.  My name is Bob and I thank you for visiting with us.

This web site is the third in a series describing my journeys with Rick Steves' tours.  You can click on the icons below to get to the other two sites if you like.


To find your way around, click any of the signs on the left side of each page, or any of the locations on the map below, or in the mirror if you want to find your way home back to this page.  Also, clicking on any of the pictures will get you a full-size version.  I hope you enjoy following me down rustic alleys, cobblestoned streets, gravel trails, and over clear water as we relive the special moments of our tour.


In case the geeks out there are interested, I used a Canon G3 and S230 (both digital) for my picture taking.  I also armed myself with my trusty weather forecasting compass watch and a Global Positioning System receiver to help map our journeys, figure out which way the sun was coming up in the morning, and to bring us back to where we started, if necessary.  You'll read more about those later.

Now let's begin our dolce passeggiata (sweet wandering)...

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