The Gang: Because it's not all about places.

All of my memories from Italy are incomplete without the people I experienced them with.  Sure, the places will be there for a long time to come and others will visit them, but none will have the same fond memories that I do because the people will be different.  There will never be another experience like ours.

So here they are, the ducks all in a row, caught during a fondue lunch at the top of a mountain near the end of our trip together.

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There was also a gaggle of local guides,

at a Rick Steves' "travel is concentrated living"

average of one per day:

Katerina and frescoes in Padua

Rosanna and mosaics in Ravenna

Ricardo and dukes in Urbino

Rosie and the hike at the Villa di Monte Solare

Amaro and his olive oil

Roberto and the tombs of the Etruscans

Giovanni under the sun in Cortona

Nina and the bicycles in Lucca

Contessa Claudia and her 2 villas

Elena and her wine and gazzoline

Lucy and her life in Mondovi

Mario and his farm

Rosalie and her spices and wine in Stresa

Now that we've made all of the introductions, we can begin our story.

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