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Here's the place where you can navigate your way through the tour.  The journal is broken up into 13 convenient sections, each concentrating on a different part of the journey.  Pick your poison - you can go chronologically by following the red arrows, or randomly by following your heart.


To start, here's a good Summary of the tour from Rick Steves' web site.



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Pre-Tour Preparation

Day 0-2: London, U.K.

Day 3-4: Belgium

Day 5-6: Mosel River, Germany

Day 7-8: Munich, Germany

Day 9-10: The Dolomites, Italy

Day 11-12: Lake Maggiore, Italy

Day 13: Piedmont Region, Italy

Day 14-15: Cassis, France

Day 16-17: St. Remy, France

Day 18: Carcassonne, France

Day 19-21: Barcelona, Spain

Post-Tour Recovery


This is a picture of the map by Dave Hoerlein on the back of the Best of Europe II Tour Member's Handbook


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