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Marsha and Don
Collin talks, Don and others listen
Dinner in Bruges, Marsha contemplates
Don looking heroic on a canal tour in Bruges
Don looking where Heidi points in Trier
Marsha, Don, Me and some lady in a wine shop
Marsha and Don on the Mosel River
Marsha looking windswept, Dick looking enthusiastic on the Mosel
Don walks to the Most Beautiful Gothic Gate in Southern Germany
Don pets a petrified pooch
Marsha silhouetted by the falls in Landsberg
Don joins the others looking at... who the heck knows, in Munich
The Wild Bunch eating dessert on Lake Maggiore
Don and others trying to figure out who to fire a cannon at in Monaco
Don enjoying the view of Cape Ferrat from the top of Eze
Don enjoying(?) sherry in Barcelona
Marsha, smiling as usual, in Barcelona
Marsha says, "Smile Santos!"


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