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Here they are, the 26 people I went to Europe with.  Quite a group.  This picture was taken in the Languedoc region of France at Le Pech d'André winery.  Everyone's smiling because we just had a wine tasting and most of us got about 4 glasses worth.  You also may be able to tell that it was really hot that day.

Move your mouse cursor over the picture to find out who they all are.  Click their heads (or their names below) for pictures of them enjoying Europe!  For a bigger, non-interactive group picture (where you can almost see their freckles) click here.













Susan Minich

Lisa Livingston

Raymond Whatshisname

Ruthmary and Jim Braden

Carol Campbell and Marilyn Todd

Janet and Dick Clukay

Santos Cortez

Evi Fredman

Marsha and Don Hill

Leslie and Gary Krancus

Jack Lapatra

Barbara McDowell

Al and Pat Moyer

Elaine Roche

Shaun, Jennifer, Scott, and Jon Thompson

Bob and Sharon Walker

Bob Williams (Me)




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