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Day 21: August 17th 1999 (Paris, France).

Bill and Sue left early this morning.  Now we’re 25.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday.  This was the last time I saw Ian.  After breakfast we were 24.  Ben and Lisa were going to do the tower and then leave town.  22.  The Dikes were also heading out that day.  15 left.

Thirteen of us got together to go to Versailles.  Logan and Ellen did other things that day.  On the way to Versailles we passed through the tunnel where Princess Diana had died.  The Chateau Versailles was nice, but I was getting tired of visiting castle rooms.  The gardens in back were much better, and included a mile long canal, and faked Roman ruins.  There was also a Disney style half-timbered village for the Queen.  Rather eccentric, all in all.

After Versailles I took a siesta and then at 6:00 met with the remaining group for dinner.  Jim and Cheryl were too tired to make it, so now the group was 13 total.  We walked to the Isle St. Louis and could not agree on a restaurant, so we continued to the Latin Quarter and found a nice curbside café right next to the Shakespeare bookstore.  The meal I had was delicious.  I had escargot covered with pastry, duck l’orange, and crème brulee for dessert.  A terrible duet of violin and accordion played for us for awhile, and we get rid of them by buying them off.

After dinner I said goodbye to Becky, Tarah, Sandy, and Ellen; and then we were 9.  We went to the Eiffel Tower.  It took three Metro train changes but we got there before midnight.  The place is awesome when it’s lit up.  We took the elevator to the second level and watched Paris go to sleep.  I walked down the stairs to avoid the elevator lines.  I hugged Cindy goodbye because her hotel was right nearby.  The rest took taxis back to Rue Castex and we all separated then.  To me it was down to 1.

To bed at 1 AM.  Last night in Europe.  How will I ever return to normal life?


A Best of Europe Poem

Drinks with Don and Jean.

Feeding rabbits in the shadows of mountains.

Shooting stars on the coastline.

Singing oarsmen on a stinky canal.

Picnicking on the river of wine.

An air leak, six eyes, and two free beers.

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs.

Singing American Pie ‘cause we didn’t have the CD.

Screaming trains past our castle walls.

Mozart balls and tunnel pacifiers.


Smiles, wonderment, schneeballs.

Magic, contentment, laughing.

Talking, chemistry, dancing.

Singing, strolling, castles.



Twenty-eight people I call family now.






I would like to thank you for visiting my web site, and following me on my journey through Europe.  Please believe me when I say that if you haven't done a trip like this before, go.  You will meet the finest people and have a great time.  There is so much more to this trip than words or pictures can describe.

I hope your visit helped you to know me a bit better, or at least kept you entertained for the short time that I have had your attention.

- Bob W.


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