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Day 19: August 15th 1999 (Paris, France).

Breakfast was a croissant, lots of bread, juice and coffee.  For the first time I was not terribly hungry.  Perhaps because we did so little physically the day before, or maybe something else entirely.


Four hours on the bus to Paris, and everyone gasped the first time we saw the Eiffel Tower.  Of course we then proceeded to stop right next door for lunch in a park with a great view of the tower itself.  Another great picnic arranged by Ian, and the weather was cooperating again.  Many people stopped by our picnic, thinking we were selling food, and we had to shoo them away.  “Pour la group ici seulement,” I said, although I doubt anyone understands my French.

Jean took us around for a bus tour of the city, then dropped us off at our hotel in the Bastille area.  I shook his hand goodbye and he was off.  Now we were 28.  We checked in and then gathered for a walk to the Metropolitain subway.  Don showed us how it worked and then guided us to the Musee D’Orsay via the Louvre courtyard.  At the Orsay museum he bid us adieu for the evening as guides were not allowed to talk in Paris and we ventured in.  There were sculptures and Impressionist paintings galore.  Quite a few van Goghs as well.  A beautiful museum constructed from a huge old train station now was a grand backdrop for the art.


I walked with Becky back to the Metro station after the museum closed, and then to the hotel.  Everyone else started trickling through the door about then and we decided to walk to dinner somewhere.  Ian recommended an area just beyond La Place de la Bastille, so 12 of us headed out.  Eventually we split up to two places, an American restaurant for the kids and a Spanish Tapis bar for the adults.  I had a grilled toast and tomato and cheese appetizer, and grilled fish and rice for mail.  Plenty of Sangria too.  We ventured to Ben & Jerry’s for dessert.  Cherry Garcia is my favorite ice cream flavor in the world I’m afraid.

After ice cream, we crashed.  No bar tonight.  Don was nowhere to be found.


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