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Day 18: August 14th 1999 (Beaune, France).

Up early, breakfast same as yesterday.  All but one waterfall evaporated since yesterday and the sky was now completely clear.  We are off to Beaune in France today.  My cold was now history – nothing like a little mountain air to cure everything.  We took the gondola down from Gimmelwald to the waiting bus.

No scenic route this time – we took the highway out from the Berner Oberland.  We stopped for lunch at a gas station and had baguettes with meat inside.  Unfortunately they were not the best sandwiches – the first time in Europe I tasted preservatives.

We arrived in Beaune at about 2 PM and checked into our hotel.  I was again roomed with Ian, and I think I was finally used to doubling up.  I did some wash and then joined the others for a walking tour.

A local guide (the wife of one of the tour guides, I understand) walked us through the quaint, walled town of Beaune.  It was raining again.  The whole group seemed very tired through the walk, I thought maybe because it was dawning on them that the trip was over in three days.  Don later told me that he thought it was the altitude change that caused it, and that every tour was barely awake in Beaune, or “Beaune-tired.”  No comments please.

We saw the various market squares and winemaking machines, then took a tour of the famous town hospital.  Built for charity, it was filled with all kinds interesting equipment, all housed in a Gothic structure with “candy-coated” roofs.

Dinner was served in a very nice restaurant, and it was in Jean’s honor due to the fact that his job was finished the next morning, and he would then immediately be driving back to Belgium.  He was wearing a tie for the first time in our presence making us realize it even more.

Dinner for me was escargot (snails), then coq au vin, and a fruit tart for dessert.  After dinner I did a short exploration of town, then wandered back to find Don and Jean in a bar across from the hotel.  Jean offered me a Belgian beer and I accepted (and had two more later).  We relaxed and talked until at least midnight, and then retired for the evening.


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