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Day 07: August 3rd 1999 (Austria and Dachau, Germany).

Up at 6:00, looking tired, eyes bloodshot.  I forgot to write that yesterday I was sweating so much I got sunscreen into my eyes, and they stung like the blazes for what seemed an eternity but was more likely about five minutes.  This happened while hiking down from the castle, and is the probable cause for my red eyes this morning.  Or perhaps I just didn’t sleep well.  The good news was that the burn on my hand was now completely healed, and the blister never broke.

Breakfast was again everything imaginable.  This place may spoil me.  It was so peaceful this morning with the orange sunlight illuminating the mountain tops.

We drove 2 ˝ hours to Dachau, and it was not a happy visit.  Shivers went up my spine as we entered through the barbed-wire-topped walls.  Very stark – no flowers, lots of gravel covered walkways.  This is also the first day we had where the sun was having trouble staying out.  It is not conceivable that people did what they did in this concentration camp.  Yet they did it nonetheless.  We spent two hours here.

Next we headed off to Andechs and their beer hall, monastery, and church.  The beer was very, very good (I had a dopple-bock, dark) and the pretzels indeed seemed the best in Germany.  The rococo church was beautiful and nuts inside – there were so many decorations it quite overwhelmed.  After lunch we headed to another rococo church where a carving of Jesus was surrounded by so many decorations it was impossible to appreciate the carving itself.

Dinner was on the farm again.  I had the wienerschnitzel (breaded veal) and decadent parsley and oil-soaked potatoes.  After dinner I took a walk and ran into the pygmy horse that the farm owned.  I petted it, then walked up a winding path near the hotel to the top of a hill and snapped some pictures of the valley below me.  The sun was going down and only the tops of the mountains were still illuminated.

I joined Don and Jean for a beer later, and we were soon accompanied by Jim, Cindy, Becky Wagner, Marilyn, and Paul.  We broke up at 11:30, after I demonstrated to Cindy that the short fat glasses held just as much as the tall ones.  Perception is never truth, I explained; but what do I know?

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