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Day 04: July 31st 1999 (Bacharach, Germany).

Breakfast consisted of 2 rolls, a thin slice of ham, a slice of cheese, a cup of juice, a cup of coffee, and one scrambled egg.  I think it may be too small when one considers the energy we will need for the day.

Herr Jung, a very nice, old but physically our equal, local guide gave us a tour of Bacharach.  He brought us around the walls of the city, telling us tales from WWII and the history of the city.  Every few minutes he would have a volunteer (that he would choose) attempt to find the secret passage to the next part of the city.  The walls extended onto the hills to the base of the vineyards, and the views were amazing.

After the tour we took the bus for a trip to St. Goar, 15 minutes away.  There, we hiked up to the Castle Rheinfels, a ruin with lots of subterranean passages that seem to evoke what it was like to live there.  Herr Jung showed us around here also.  We ran into other ETBD’ers (Europe Thru the Back Door readers) while exploring the place.  We then hiked down to the Rhine and had a picnic in a park next to the river. 

After lunch we ventured into town for some shopping, and were pleasantly interrupted by a wedding procession of cars with blaring horns.  The bride and groom’s car had big interlocking wedding rings stuck to the top of it.

The trip back to Bacharach was via a Rhine cruise (and I encountered still another solo ETBD’er family), and I took many pictures of the scenic hillsides from the boat.  We had a break before dinner so I climbed the 200 or so steps to the hostel castle on the hill.  Very nice for such cheap accommodations – the view was amazing.  I wondered how views from such high heights could be so powerful yet relaxing at the same time.

Dinner was a plate of spiced beef and french-fries, with lemon ice cream for dessert.  After dinner we met downstairs at the Tiki bar that was set up there by the owner to make his Philippine wife feel more at home.  We danced (yes, I did too) and drank and talked, with a background of American oldies.  I had a fascinating conversation with Becky Wagner that sometimes centered on raising teenagers.  I often believe I know nothing of real life.

To bed at midnight again.


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